Kondolas Furniture

If anyone ever thought that pre-engineered buildings are big, plain boxes, one look at our project in Terrace - Kondolas Furniture - would definitely change their mind. With its stylish red accents, this building features custom parapets, angled entranceway, 12,000 sq/ft mezzanine and custom inset loading area. It demonstrates the level of customization that can be achieved with pre-engineered steel construction. MSC collaborated with the store owner and architect for over a year perfecting every detail of the design.

The project started when Kondolas began looking for someone who really would act as a partner on their new build. In just a few conversations, a level of trust was established and MSC was on board. Because of the industry connections and experience, we were able to support Kondolas in their search for an architect, an ideal site and of course design. It really was about figuring out what was not only wanted, but needed - being a part of the vision.

The biggest challenge wasn’t in the planning, it was actually in the build. Terrace in the winter can be tough on a good day. And starting in December meant there was snow every two days. The site needed to be kept clear and lights were brought in to extend the shorter daylight hours, all the while motivating the crew to continue on. Logistically, it was a true challenge, but the time and personal investment in this project meant that we would not stop until it was 100% done!

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