Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc

Through the coldest months in Alberta, our crews battled blizzards, extreme wind, and below-freezing temperatures to work with fellow tradespeople to build a steel infrastructure for Pinnacle Renewables Inc. in Entwhistle, located one hour West of Edmonton. 

Our crews took on a complex and involved multi-building package; this job site has been one of the busiest environments to coordinate and manage the workflow. There were multiple trades on-site daily — including plumbers, electricians, concrete layers, insulation technicians, alongside safety officers. Our crew had to be flexible with our tactics and workflow to deviate any worker overlap to help continually keep this project on track! That takeaway is: We Work Well With Others.

We are extremely proud of our safety record, attention to detail, and ability to handle projects of this magnitude. To achieve these outstanding results, we implemented daily meetings within our crew to discuss the parts of the building we were working on while coordinating with the other contractors on the site. With any other large contract industrial site, there were several safety officers engaging in best practices to keep each crew safe.