Private Custom Shop

Up in the winding hills of Kelowna, British Columbia lives a beautiful custom steel shop. This prefabricated building was built with every custom design the owners could think up! This happy couple needed a shop to do it all. We installed custom overlay panels, overhangs, an open canopy (lean-to), and we made sure that it is insulated - really - well! Being an inland oceanic climate, Kelowna sees temperatures that can drop to below 10 degrees celsius. A steel building requires proper insulation to keep everything being stored inside from freezing.

There are challenges when building prefab metal buildings within nature. The driveway that led up to the site was a very tight and winding road. Before we could start the job, our team had to plan a logistically sound route to get the material up the hillside. This was important to lower the risk of damaging equipment and supplies. The last thing we want is to damage our clients' driveway or the materials to their new steel shop on the way up.

In the end, we were able to recreate this custom steel private shop for the Thorne’s and fulfill their dream. With a professionally trained crew that loves what they do, it creates a seamless project - which had a great impact on this project. We are thankful for our clients and look forward to being recommended to help a friend or family member. We beam with pride when we are able to exceed expectations!