Farming Karma Fruit Company

MSC is looking forward to all of the good Karma we’ll receive from working on this unique, climate-controlled metal warehouse run by family-operated Farming Karma in Kelowna. 

The steel building’s custom features were exciting to work on and left us extremely proud to have been a key partner on this project—from the very first meetings with the Farming Karma owners over a year and a half ago to managing the project onsite. 

While the building serves multiple purposes for the family, which operates an agri-tourism business and produces craft soda, and more from their apple orchard, some key features of this beautiful pre-engineered steel building project are:

  • Climate-controlled food storage
  • Insulated metal panels for the roof and walls
  • Three large internal demising walls also complete with insulated metal panels
  • Interior mezzanine of 24,000 square feet
  • Custom deck/patio featured on two walls
  • Custom roof loading to support coolers and mechanical units throughout
  • Snow stops on all eaves for roof/gutter protection

Temperature-regulated metal buildings

Protecting your crop is protecting your livelihood when you work in the agriculture business—that’s why climate-controlled pre-fab buildings are a farmer’s best friend. 

Installing a cold storage metal building as part of the Farming Karma project is a safeguard for the family’s apple and cherry crops. 

These facilities are increasing in popularity because of their ability to regulate temperatures, reduce crop spoilage, and maximize your yield.  


MSC specializes in custom steel buildings like the one you see here. If you're looking for a farm building in BC, AB, SK or Northern Canada contact us today for a free quote!