At MSC, in addition to erecting steel buildings, we’re all about building and maintaining strong relationships with the people integral to our business, especially our industry peers.

So when Alberta-based Calanah Builders reached out to us to collaborate as suppliers and builders on a warehouse project — for which Calanah served as general contractors — we were thrilled! 

Over the last few years in the steel building sector, we developed a great rapport with them and were excited at the prospect of working with their company. It gave us an opportunity to showcase our proficiency in providing quality pre-engineered steel buildings.

With growth comes the inevitable need for expansion to accommodate the ever-increasing need for space. This project involved us designing, supplying, and erecting a 3500 sq ft pre-fabricated steel building for Doors On Demand. 

This was a low-complexity, classic build to serve as an expansion of their warehouse to fulfill their need for extra shop space. Since this was an extension to an existing warehouse, MSC was challenged with sourcing the right materials for a smooth transition between buildings, which we were able to accomplish successfully. 

We hope to work with Calanah Builders in the future, continuing to deliver on our craftsmanship and strengthening our industry associations!


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