Babes Automotive

There is no town too far within Western Canada that our crews won't venture toward to aid in the success of small businesses. Traveling four hours south in the West Kootenays, we visited Babes Automotive in Slocan, BC. Our task was to erect a prefabricated steel building. We are happy to provide a new shop for this growing family-owned business. 

Our team designed a mono slope roof — this design will prevent snow from sliding off the roof in front of the overhead doors and will redirect the water and snow to slide off the back of the building. We installed R-50 simple saver roof insulation to provide an adequate air-tightness seal to keep this shop warm and cozy. The commercial industry is a host to many flammable materials and chemicals that live in the building. We applied a custom 2-hour fire-rated spray foam insulation on the low eave wall. On the remaining walls, we installed R-38 simple saver insulation. Slocan, BC, is known for its four distinct seasons, with a relatively moist climate. On average, this region sees 950 mm of rain during late autumn and the early winter months. This automotive shop is now protected from rust and moisture damage from entering their shop and gaining the trust of the local residents to know that their vehicle will be safe and out of the elements.

Slocan is rich in history from the illustrious mining industry in the 1800s, a boom-town was born; hotels, saloons, pack teams, and mining carts were brimmed with people after hitting the motherload! There is nothing more gratifying than contributing to local history and helping a once boisterous town become modern to prosper once again. We continue to provide exceptional customer service and attention to detail on every project!