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Frequently Asked Questions


About Steel Buildings

Structural steel buildings, also known as conventional steel, are constructed onsite using a blend of materials (steel, wood, masonry etc). They provide more flexibility in build for complex designs.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are fabricated as a kit off-site and then erected on site. They are more cost-effective, easy to maintain and simpler to build.

A typical building comes with 9-inch insulation in the roof (R30 value) and 6 inches in walls (R20), however, we can customize a design to suit your specific needs. We also specialize in insulated metal panels (aka sandwich panels) to meet today’s stringent energy codes.

Yes, a pre-engineered steel building is the most cost-effective building type to support the weight of a crane indoors. In more complex builds, structural steel may be the better option. The third option is a precast building. The likes of wood and block buildings are expensive in design for the support needed.

Your pre-engineered steel building must be designed to meet the environmental factors of the geographical area you live in. This is based on the 2010 National Building Code of Canada, as well as your local provincial building code. The snow load, rain load, wind load and seismic data are different for each city in Canada.

If you can dream it, we can build it. But here are common commercial building uses to inspire you.

  1. Industrial equipment storage
  2. Self-storage units
  3. Commercial office space - great for open plan workspaces
  4. Retail buildings i.e. auto body shops, furniture stores, warehouses or factories
  5. Geared up garages
  6. Refrigerated or heated spaces for product storage

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Absolutely, we recommend setting your brand apart from the competition by applying a colour coating on your steel building. To learn more about how coatings work for your metal building, click here.


Our Services

The most significant advantage is simplicity. MSC is a one-stop-shop for planning, design, supply and install. The only element we don't provide is the building foundation. Often, pre-engineered steel is the most cost-effective option compared to other buildings types (typically 20% less), but that depends on the building's needs.

With pre-engineered steel builds, we are qualified to offer a complete building service. It starts with planning for your building, then we design to meet your building needs and external factors (terrain, temperatures, etc), and then build it - walls, roof, and insulation, including window and door install!

Quotes for pre-engineered steel building include all of the necessary materials and pieces to erect them: framing, sheeting, bolts, screws, man doors, windows and insulation. Overhead doors are typically bought locally.

Typically, your building package will be delivered to the site within 8-12 weeks of the order date. In general, the less complex the building design is, the faster you will receive the package.

This depends on the complexity of the design, but pre-engineered steel is the fastest in construction. To give you an example, a 10,000 square feet building, which typically takes 5 months, is a month quicker with pre-engineered steel than other construction types - we usually get the job done in 4 months.

We design and build steel and pre-engineered metal buildings in the commercial, industrial, retail, and farming industries, as well as structures for storage, and community or multiple-purpose uses. We also build shops on private properties for personal uses. You can see examples of our past projects here.

Yes, you can. There are no additional charges for minor updates, for example, adding a window or moving a door. For more significant changes, like adding extensive square footage, then re-engineering and re-design fees may apply.

Pre-engineered buildings are designed to go up quite fast, and our preferred crews are some of the most efficient in the industry. The average building size is about 6,000 to 10,000 square feet, which would take roughly three weeks to erect, depending on complexity, work conditions and other factors.

MSC’s buildings come with an engineered stamped set of drawings, including all schedules and certifications. Please note that you will need an engineer to design your foundation.

MSC operates all over Western Canada (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba), as well as in Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon. We also work in remote locations.

Yes. While most outfits offer a one-year warranty, we offer an industry-leading three-year in-house guarantee on all the work we do.

Yes, we’re happy to design and deliver building packages that’ll meet your local building codes and regulations.

To work out the project budget, we will ask you a few questions to better understand what your needs are. 

  • What do you want to do in the building? What's the purpose of the building?
  • Do you own the land?
  • Where are you building? 

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The actual metal structure itself can be built any time of year. But there are other parts to the project to consider, mainly the concrete and foundation. The Interior BC, the Kootenays, Alberta, or Northern BC, mid-October is when it may get too cold, and you would consider waiting to start doing the concrete work and foundation until the Spring.

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We get many of our buildings from our Canadian supplier, out of Brandon, Manitoba. Our other two suppliers are out of the US.



Our buildings are insulated and protected from the elements. These buildings are the perfect choice to build a dairy barn, hog barn, or cattle barn, keeping your hay, grain, and animals warm and protected from the weather outside. Check out pre-engineered farm buildings here.

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Pre-engineered metal buildings are used for so many different applications, but one sector they’re gaining popularity in is the retail industry. Store owners recognize that the space in which they operate is just as important as the product and services they sell.

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We can erect any sort of commercial building that you need to start or grow your business.

  • Automotive Shops
  • Storage Facilities
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Distilleries & Wineries
  • Coffee Roasters
  • Gas Stations

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We have worked with the forestry, oil and gas, hydro / dam, steel fabrication, utility, and renewable energy sectors to design and install buildings they need to run their corporation.

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We have helped small communities across Western Canada build Agri-plex’s and depots to serve their local members better. There is no project our team can’t handle.

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We have built a number of different steel structures for orchards, commercial farm equipment storage, welding shops, and storage cellars for wineries. 

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We have erected several types of retail spaces for our clients that range from Fabricland to a casino. These buildings allow for an open floor plan that will provide options for stock, shelves, and walkways for customers. The options are endless when it comes to pre-engineered steel buildings. 

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