Frameless Steel Buildings Working with experts in frameless steel systems, MSC brings quality, cost-savings, and energy efficiency to your agricultural operations in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Frameless steel buildings are visually appealing, versatile, and built to last. Working with Behlen Industries—leaders in steel building manufacturing—and dedicated local installers for Alberta and Saskatchewan, MSC merges quality and cost-effectiveness for your operations.

Frameless Steel Buildings 

Save on time, labour, and materials

Frameless building systems allow for better design flexibility and are more cost-effective than traditional rigid frame buildings. That’s because the engineered panel system removes the need for structural steel, keeping costs low and energy efficiency high. 

The open, frameless space offers endless versatility without structural elements, like columns or rafters, in your way. 

By not using structural steel, frameless buildings have the advantage of allowing for easy interior installation using batt insulation, minimizing the energy loss caused by thermal bridging. Spray-on and strapping insulation can also be used for excellent protection against heat and cold.


Lower energy use, lower operational costs

  • Superior attic ventilation eliminates the risk of wet insulation
  • Natural ceiling adds brightness and reduces lighting requirements
  • No heavy equipment is needed for the installation
  • Lower labour needs for installation 


Frameless Steel Buildings for Agriculture

When it comes to agriculture, frameless steel buildings really shine. Their large, unobstructed spans—up to 313 feet in width—combined with lower costs make them ideal for:

  • Indoor riding arenas
  • Frameless steel barns
  • Machinery storage
  • Dry storage 

Where space meets cost, frameless steel buildings are ready to stand up to the job.


The MSC Advantage

Our team of professionals partners with the best in the industry to bring your vision to reality. With over 20 years of experience designing and constructing steel buildings across Canada, working with MSC connects you to our partnerships, expertise, and legacy. Every project is built to the highest standard using:


MSC Steel Excellence in Service
MSC Steel Excellence in Service

Excellence in Service

MSC Steel Excellence in Design
MSC Steel Excellence in Design

Excellence in Design

MSC Steel Excellence in Building
MSC Steel Excellence in Building

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