Why Metal Building Kits Are Ideal for Retail Outlets

Why Metal Building Kits Are Ideal for Retail Outlets

Furniture showrooms are an ideal example of how the open spans created by pre-engineered metal building kits can enhance a retail operation.

Pre-engineered metal building kits are used for so many different applications, but one sector they’re really gaining popularity in is the retail industry. Storeowners are recognizing that the space in which they operate is just as important as the product and services they sell.

By designing and constructing a customized structure, they can configure their floor space, inventory room and office area to meet their needs. This streamlines the operation and can boost sales and productivity in several ways:

  • Improved floor plan for enhanced shopping experience and increased sales
  • Easier access to product for staff and consumers
  • More efficient storage options
  • Dedicated office space for administrative staff
  • Convenient shipping/receiving areas for efficient product handling

Pre-engineered Steel is the Better Option

Pre-engineered metal building kits are an ideal choice for retail projects because they’re more cost effective compared to other types of construction, not only to purchase, but also to erect and maintain.

Plus, pre-engineered steel structures are well suited for pretty much any kind of retail operation:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Office supplies
  • Electronics
  • Equipment rentals
  • Car dealerships
  • Department stores
  • Sporting goods
  • Lighting showrooms
  • Grocery
  • Restaurants
  • Strip malls 

Start Selling Sooner

One of the main attractions of pre-engineered structures is they arrive on the jobsite ready to assemble. This results in quicker turnaround times, which means you’ll be able to start generating revenue faster. Speedy erection times for steel buildings further help the client’s bottom line because they require less manpower.

Pre-engineered Means Performance

As a building material, steel has a lot going for it. It’s durable, weather and fire-resistant and it can be built to any shape or size.

The structural integrity of steel means it can be used to create open clear spans of up to 150 feet, without erecting support columns. This gives storeowners so much more flexibility when configuring their floor space. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that require showroom areas (furniture, cars, lighting).

And since pre-engineered steel buildings can be finished with any exterior cladding, retailers are discovering just how visually pleasing the facades of these types of buildings can be. With options for different colours, accents, styles and window configurations, exteriors can be designed to look modern and attractive. 

Don’t Let the ‘Kit’ Word Fool You

Some would assume the term ‘kit’ implies that pre-engineered steel buildings are generic. They’re anything but. They’re called metal building kits because all of the material is delivered to the jobsite in a convenient kit, ready-to-assemble package.

In fact, by working with steel building erection companies that offer in-house design services, you can customize your retail space any way you want, right down to the finest details. Once the design is finalized, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the building erection will be done right as companies that offer design-and-build services ensure there’s constant collaboration between designers, managers and ground crews throughout the process.

Pre-engineered steel is also suitable for other building types. To learn more, read: 4 Popular Commercial Uses for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings.


Do you need a building space specifically designed to suit your retail operation? Metal Structure Concepts specializes in designing and erecting pre-engineered metal building kits that are ideal for retail applications. Call us to learn how we can help create your ideal business space.