Why Build With Steel & Why Choose MSC?

Why Build With Steel & Why Choose MSC?

Structural steel is a great option for large garages and warehouses.

Everywhere you look these days, there seems to be construction. Is it a result of old buildings needing to be replaced, or purely the demand for new ones? Whatever the reason, you can bet pre-engineered steel buildings will give you the desired longevity. 


Structural Steel Benefits

As you set out to design and build your building, consider the benefits of metal buildings. To start, steel can be used throughout every build phase, including framing, floor joists, and roofing. They say time is money, and a steel building kit will erect the building quicker than a conventional build, which helps to stay on budget. 

Choosing A Firm

Choosing which pre-fabricated steel building firm to work with is a crucial part of the process. Going with a company that can design and erect the steel structure will help you to stay on schedule, and they will be able to offer advice from both a design and structural perspective. 

In addition, choosing a firm with the ability to design your building allows for custom designs. Contrary to what others may think, steel buildings are incredibly versatile and can be formed into any shape, making them the ideal option for arenas, farming, and steel warehouses. 

As you narrow down which structural steel company you will work with, look at their years of experience, service options, and type of warranty they offer, and ask for references from previous clients. Like most things in life, steel building prices aren't cheap (even though they save you time in the long run), so you must have complete confidence in the company you hire.


"We would like to take this opportunity to Thank You. From the first time we talked on the phone, your positive attitude made deciding to build a steel building the right choice for our needs. Your team of talented workers made this a seamless build. We always felt that if there were an issue, you were right there. That alone speaks volumes. I can not wait to build the next project. It was a pleasure working with you"

- Steve and Sheryl Thorne.


Pre-engineered Steel Vs. Conventional Steel

Pre-engineered steel and conventional steel are both worthy, durable options. However, when it comes to specific components of a build, such as the I-beams, conventional steel isn't as efficient as tempered framing in pre-engineered steel. The unfortunate downside of conventional steel is the build can take longer and is less customizable. Whereas pre-fabricated steel is ready to assemble and requires less manpower and heavy equipment. 


There are many factors to consider when building a steel structure, and it's best to talk to experts such as Metal Structure Concepts. For over 20 years, the team at Metal Structure Concepts has been constructing steel buildings throughout Canada, including wineries, storage facilities, warehouses, and more. To learn more about what your options are, contact them today.