5 Things About a Steel Building Your Boss Wants to Know

5 Things About a Steel Building Your Boss Wants to Know

Need more space for your business? A steel building could be the solution

Business is booming. More sales has bumped up production and your boss has been able to hire more staff. But now she is running out of space in your current workplace and needs a warehouse. Your boss needs a solution; one that makes both practical and economical sense and can be solved quickly. Your proposal? Why not invest in a steel building?

There are many reasons a steel building will meet your boss’ business needs.

But if you want to give her a quick rundown of why steel, here are some of the top reasons:

  • They can be built quickly and for less money
  • Uninterrupted space
  • Strong and durable
  • Easier to expand
  • Less to insure


1. If time is the issue

A pre engineered steel building is built with pre-fabricated components and parts. The work done in the factory before making it to the construction site allows the building to be erected that much quicker. The shorter construction time has the advantage of less disruption and waste at the site, and more importantly, less labour costs to the consumer. It can also be retrofitted easily to have that storefront appeal.


2. Space, space and more space

In most buildings, a structural support, such as a column, is needed, which can interrupt the floor space. Due to the nature in which it is built, a steel building provides a clear span floor space as it instead utilizes large overhead support beams. Prefabricated metal can also provide larger overhead clearances, making them perfect for storage, warehouses and more.


3. Built to last

They don’t call Superman the Man of Steel for nothing. Steel does not warp, break, bend or buckle and is not susceptible to mold or mildew. Built to strict specifications and procedures, a steel building can withstand the elements, whether its wind, rain, sleet, snow or hail. They are also low maintenance and usually need only a bi-annual check for any minor repairs and an annual cleaning.


4. Here we grow again

A growing business needs to have a space that is flexible to more growth. Expanding a steel building is way less work than with other structural materials. Instead of tearing down walls, you can expand by adding a mezzanine, or second floor space, or you can widen your space with a lean-to or expansion of the end walls. However, it’s best to check your building codes and see what is allowed first.


5. Keep your premiums at a minimum

As steel building prices are usually kept at a minimum, so too is the cost to insure them. Steel is usually less to insure as it is at a lower risk to natural disaster damage from inclement weather and even damage by insects and pests (termites do prefer wood, after all). And as steel is non-combustible in nature, it is more resistant to fire, especially when other measures such as fireproof coating and insulation as well as sprinklers are installed.


For more information to pass onto your boss, read our blog on Why Pre Engineered Metal Buildings are a Smart Fit for Progressive Companies.


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