Structural Steel Garage Building Advantages

Structural Steel Garage Building Advantages

Get the most out of your garage by building with steel!

The garage. For most people, the garage comes attached to their house and is used primarily for storage – cars, tools, that bulking box of Christmas decorations you struggle to pull out from behind all the other boxes of keepsakes you have every year – you name it! 

But when it comes to building a detached garage, no matter whether you’re using it for extra storage or creating a new shop space, structural steel is the way to go.


Easy to Build

Pre-fabricated steel and metal garage kits make the work of building a new garage a sitch – without sacrificing any of the superior durability or safety you would expect from a steel building.

Since the pre-fab metal garage kits come with all materials needed assembled, it makes them ideal for buildings located in “less-than-ideal” sites. We’ve worked against the elements many times to make garages happen (just like steel also works hard against the elements). From battling seasonal weather difficulties to build this Crescent Bay Home Body Shop or navigating long and winding roads to build this Lake Country Custom Home Shop, we know what we’re doing when it comes to erecting a great building in a tricky spot.



Not only does a steel building give you all the advantages of sustainability and affordability, but they also have a faster build time than a wooden or concrete building. No matter the size of your project, working with steel will always result in a more quickly finished building than working with another material. Take for example the Peter Stalenhoef Private Shop we built – 2400 square feet built in under a month along the cliffs of Lakeshore in Kelowna, BC. 

Not only did we build this steel garage in a tricky spot but did so speedily. If this speed makes you think we’re sacrificing the integrity of the building to do so – think again. We at MSC value honesty and transparency on every project. So even if we finish your project in one month, we always offer an industry-leading three-year in-house install warranty for all projects we erect. 



You want your garage to work for you. And you have specific needs and tastes that need to be satisfied. Maybe you’re thinking a prefab kit won’t work for you. Let us reassure you that prefab does not mean boring. With our pre-engineered steel buildings, we’re able to bring style and customization to each project: whether it’s custom wall girt spacing, a roof pitch in all black, daylighting, or all the flexibility and freedom with the design you could want.

Want to see what other customizations can add to the advantage of a steel garage? Check out this article weighing the pros/cons of rolling sheet doors: Steel Garages: When Should You Have a Rolling Sheet Door.

Metal Structure Concepts has been designing and constructing steel buildings across Canada for over 20 years. From retail spaces to warehouses to wineries (and more), we are the experts for your next project. Contact us today to get a free quote.