Case Study: MSC Climbs a Fence in Creating New Custom Steel Buildings

Case Study: MSC Climbs a Fence in Creating New Custom Steel Buildings

MSC worked with DW Builders in Kamloops to construct an attractive office as part of Rite-Way Fencing's new custom steel building.

Often you need to knock down walls when it comes to building something new. However, in the case of Metal Structure Concepts’ latest project, it was all about putting up fences.

MSC has just finished installing a shiny, new custom steel building for Kamloops’ Rite-Way Fencing, which specializes in manufacturing, installing, and repairing chain-link fencing, ornamental iron fencing, vinyl fencing, and dog runs.

You could say the project included a little steel-on-steel action, however, MSC engaged the help of a general contractor to make the project come together as a whole.


A meeting of minds

MSC owner Steve Ivanitz was originally contacted more than a year ago by Rite-Way Fencing President Scott Ruzesky, who is responsible in providing the infrastructure and vision for Western Canada's largest fence company, with 12 locations in three provinces.

The company was looking to move out of its old location in Kamloops and needed a new facility with an office and large workshop space to safely operate welding and fence fabrication.

While MSC designed the building to Rite-Way’s specifications, from conception to the final product, it also supplied and installed the 11,115 sq. ft. pre-engineered steel building.

Ivanitz also connected Rite-Way with Kamloops’ general contractor DW Builders to do all the site preparation work, including the concrete and paving as well as the electrical.

“We spoke for a month or two in getting all the details in what was needed before the work was started. Then we brought everyone together. I found them the best team I could in Kamloops,” said Ivanitz. 


A new kind of metal shop building

What makes the Rite-Way Fencing job so unique is all the custom finishes. Far from being a standard box-shaped building, the pre-fabricated building features a custom 20 ft. wide fully soffited canopy that runs the full length of the building, and also serves as a protective entranceway to the five steel garage bays.  

Inside, a large space has been sanctioned off as a steel workshop, where Rite-Ways’ workers can weld, fabricate, and cut fencing.

“It features liner paneled walls and roofs and is fully sealed. A proper mechanical venting system was installed to ensure the safety of all workers working in the welding area,” said Ivanitz.


Steel and wood working together

Rite-Way wanted its new office-entranceway to be attractive and also incorporate its colour branding in navy and steel-blue.

While most of the framework in the metal shop was constructed from structural steel, DW Builders framed Rite-Way’s new office — in wood.

“After they framed the office, we sheeted the walls and roof in steel with the customized colours, so it’s a nice touch and shows how different construction materials can work together for special customization,” said Ivanitz.


Ready to open the fence

With the work now completed, Ruzesky and the Rite-Way team are excited to have a professional and clean new office and metal shop building to conduct business.

“We’ve heard from Scott and he is very happy with what we have been able to accomplish. All the parts came together… It’s a new beginning for Rite-Way, and we wish them all the best in their new location.”


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