Playing with Steel: FUN-ctional Design in Metal Buildings

Playing with Steel: FUN-ctional Design in Metal Buildings

Metal buildings offer a functional design, including clear–span construction, which is perfect for warehouses, auto shops, and large manufacturing operations.

From the pages of architecture magazines to building design websites, metal buildings are popping up just about everywhere. They can be found in both commercial and residential construction, from high rises and warehouses to modular buildings and metal garage buildings.

The reason? Metal is a malleable material that can be used to design just about any size and type of building. Prefab metal buildings can be built to be clear span, ideal for steel warehouse buildings, and be embellished with any type of custom finish, colour, or fitting.


More size variances

When designing, you have to figure in the three dimensions, that being width, height, and length. Due to the flexibility and strength of metal, prefab buildings can be designed in all manner of shapes and sizes from low-rise to high-rise. Unlike a pole building, a metal building can be built free of posts and beams, allowing for a clear or long span, which is ideal for a storage and warehouse business. They can also be designed to have above-normal height variances, ideal for fitting crane systems into metal shops or a steel workshops.  


A facelift for your metal building

The exterior is obviously an important part of any retail or commercial business, as it provides the first impression of your operation. The outside needs to entice customers to walk through the doors. Luckily, the exterior design options and custom finishes for pre engineered metal buildings are endless.

Here are just some of the design options available:

  • A wide range of colours for metal panels and trim
  • Exterior finishes such as brick, tile, stucco, natural stone, or rock
  • Awnings and canopies for doors and windows
  • Overhangs and roof extensions
  • Cupolas


The functional benefit of engineered buildings

While the design possibilities of pre engineered buildings are endless, the functional aspect is the big draw and why many commercial operators and business owners choose to build with steel. Not only are metal building prices reasonable in today’s market, the buildings themselves are:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Long lasting
  • Weather and fire resistant
  • Seismic and wind proof
  • Sustainable
  • Easy to retrofit


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