Metal Structures Can Weather Any Storm

Metal Structures Can Weather Any Storm

Metal buildings are ready for both extreme heat and extreme cold.

Canada is known for having some of the harshest winters, but at the same time, many provinces go through months of extreme heat. Unlike the southern states of the USA, most Canadian provinces have four seasons. Not all building structures can stand up to temperature fluctuations of +45°C to -45°C, but steel buildings protect your property and last the test of time no matter the weather. 


Whether you live in the Yukon or the coastal parts of British Columbia, metal buildings can be customized to stand up to the different weather patterns. In the interior of BC, the temperatures can consistently be in the upper 30s during the summer months, making insulation extremely important. A pre-engineered steel building can be built to hold roof insulation designed to keep heat out in the summer and keep it in during the winter. 


Canadian Winters

Canadian winters take a toll on building structures, especially the roof when there is heavy snowfall. Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio out of any building material and is 25 times stronger than wood. Building with structural steel and working with a team of experts who understand roof orientation, your prefab building can be designed with specific orientations to prevent uneven snow accumulation. 


Fire Prevention

It is no secret that wood will catch fire quicker than steel. Metal buildings offer an invaluable layer of protection. Built to withstand Mother Nature a structural steel building is also designed with extra fireproofing capabilities. 

Rain, wind, snow, and heat are all weather factors we deal with in Canada and it's crucial to have a building structure that can stand up to that. Steel building kits are incredibly durable and resilient, making them ideal for farming, storage buildings, wineries, and steel warehouses.


Metal Structure Concepts has been designing and constructing steel buildings across Canada for over 20 years. From the snowy great North to desert-like locations, they are the experts and go-to for your next project. Contact them today to get a free quote.