Metal Structure Concepts Client Testimonial: Tom Salmond, Tri-S Concrete

Metal Structure Concepts Client Testimonial: Tom Salmond, Tri-S Concrete

Tom Salmond of Tri-S Concrete's new metal building went up on time and has been serving the business well ever since. Hear more from Tom in his video testimonial.



I'm Tom Salmond and my company is Tri-S Concrete out of Fairview and I've been in business for 52 years. 

I actually met Metal Structure Concepts in 2015 when I was looking to build a building. I talked with a few different builders and no one really could meet the needs that I was after. I wanted a building, I wanted to start in the spring and I wanted to be in in the winter. Most builders were telling me don't even dream about being in there within the next two years. 

They drew me up a plan on what the metal building would look like and the cost of it, built the building and assembled it on my foundation and they were here right from start to finish and made sure the building was done the way I wanted it. 

I am absolutely happy with the product. Not once have I wandered through the shop and wished I'd done something different. No deficiencies in the building and I've been in it for eight years now. If I were putting up another building I'd definitely use MSCSteel. They were super to work with and this crew of guys is just fantastic.


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