Maintenance Tips For Your Steel Building (With Checklist)

Maintenance Tips For Your Steel Building (With Checklist)

A pre-engineered steel building will, with a little maintenance, last a long, long time! Stay on top of things with our checklist.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are built to last through all sorts of weather and conditions—but in order to keep them in top shape, a little routine maintenance is required from time to time. Periodic maintenance, inspections, and repairs are key to longevity. 

Incorporate regular maintenance checks into your ongoing property or business checks, so it’s a simple integration without much added time to your day. 


Bigger picture (once a year) maintenance

To keep your building functioning well, you’ll want to perform these bigger-picture tasks annually: 


Annual inspection

An annual inspection by a pro like MSCSteel helps you get ahead of any issues and fix them before they become larger and more costly. Regular checks can help:

  • Prevent building deterioration
  • Lower downtime from repairs
  • Keep repair costs to a minimum


Pressure wash

Deep cleaning the exterior of your building once a year with a pressure washer helps your building not only look great but prevents premature corrosion. 


Steel building maintenance checklist

  • Check for loose or rusted fasteners
  • Are there any chips or scratches in the paint?
  • Rust or corrosion? Take note for an expert
  • Ensure no tools or large objects are leaning on the building
  • Check insulation for deterioration
  • Check the roof for any cracks or leaks

To make maintenance a breeze, enlist the help of a professional like MSC. By scheduling routine preventative maintenance checks, you save time, money, and stress so you can focus on running your business. Get more pre-engineered steel building tips on the blog


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