Into the Wild: Why Metal Buildings Work for Remote

Into the Wild: Why Metal Buildings Work for Remote

Metal Structure Concepts installs one of its metal buildings for Tom’s Construction up in Fort St. John in Northern BC.

Metal Structure Concepts (MSC) has erected metal buildings in diverse environments from urban centres to remote wilderness locations around Western and Northern Canada. There’s a reason why our clients in remote areas turn to us for their building needs. Pre-engineered and modular buildings are not only easier to assemble in these locations than other types of buildings; many industries benefit from steel’s ability to withstand extreme climate and conditions.


Sea to Sky

Western and Northern Canada is home to several industries that operate in remote locations. MSC has designed, supplied and assembled steel buildings at ski resorts as well as for industrial purposes for the forest and mining industries. Some of our projects include:

  • Warehouse buildings for NCC Development in Iqaluit, Nunavut
  • Multi-building plan for Gilbert Smith Forest Products in Barriere, BC
  • Series of storage buildings for Grohman Mini Storage in Nelson, BC
  • Seed wash building for Ag-Vision Seed Wash in Fairview, AB
  • A water treatment plant at South Pender Harbour, BC
  • Multi-building project for Pinnacle Renewable Energy in Entwistle, AB


Piece by Piece

With a prefab building, each section of the building is carefully manufactured in a factory before all the components and parts are shipped to a site for assembly. 

Because of this process, it takes less time to construct a pre-engineered building than a traditional one.


Pull the Chord

Unlike other building materials, there is no site disruption or preparation work such as milling and cement mixing needed when installing prefab metal buildings. They also require little electrical power to be assembled, with hand or battery-powered tools, as well as fuel-operated equipment used.


Built to Last

A building that is tucked away in a remote location can be hard to maintain. Steel is one of the most durable building materials on earth and is known to last more than 25 years with little maintenance or repair work needed. This is a big bonus for keeping metal building costs low.


In All Kinds of Weather

The landscape across Western and Northern Canada is hugely diverse, from mountainous, snowy terrain to dry, windy flatlands to the earthquake and torrential rain prone regions, to extreme cold. Steel can withstand most of these conditions and does not rust, warp, rot, or twist. Steel buildings come with panels that have high R-value insulation, making them able to keep the cold out and heat from escaping.


For more examples of why buildings made from metal work in remote areas, read 5 Reasons Steel Building Construction Won’t Slow Down in a Prairie Winter.


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