How Pre Engineered Buildings Create Stronger Communities

How Pre Engineered Buildings Create Stronger Communities

Pre engineered buildings are a great option for communities that need multi-use facilities that serve a variety of user groups.

Every town needs a place where its inhabitants can congregate, and pre engineered buildings are proving to be a cost-effective solution for these meeting places. The nature of such gatherings is always varied, which is what makes a multi-use building so valuable. 

No matter what the space is required for—whether it’s a social, political or cultural event—a multi-purpose building should live up to its name.

Create a design that considers the entire community

The goal of any community building should be to incorporate and accommodate as many user groups as possible. After all, projects such as this are usually funded by taxpayer dollars, so including them in the vision of the design will make the end product welcoming for all. 

The user groups that access these types of facilities is considerable: 

  • Sports and recreation
  • Arts and culture
  • First Nations
  • Non-profit societies
  • School groups
  • Business community
  • Seniors

More than Just a Place to Meet

It’s important to incorporate an array of room types and building features into a design. Again, this will be reflected by the needs of the community. Given level of customization that can be achieved by pre engineered buildings, just about any kind of space can be created:

  • Gymnasium
  • Theatre
  • Library
  • Day care
  • Conference rooms
  • Kitchen/concession
  • Office space
  • Seating

A Focal Point for Families

With facilities like this in place, your community will thrive. Residents will become more engaged and the overall sense of citizenship will grow as the events hosted there will bring people closer together:

  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Weddings
  • Concerts
  • Sports tournaments
  • Community events
  • Public forums
  • Fundraisers

A Structure that Will Last

It’s also important to consider the long-range goals of a community so that the design meets not only the needs of today, but for years to come. That’s what makes pre engineered buildings so suitable for this application.

In terms of value-for-money building options, pre engineered steel is meant to stand the test of time, and it requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking great and functioning as intended. 

Plus, with an increasing number of options for exterior finishes, communities no longer have to settle for a building with little visual appeal. Instead, they can choose from a variety of trims, colours and accents to create a building facade the community can be proud of.

Going Quickly from Concept to Construction

One of the major benefits of pre engineered steel buildings is that they can be erected quickly. This is important because with all the planning, consultations and other hurdles municipalities must go through to commission a project like this, it can take a long time to reach the construction phase.

Once ordered, a prefab building can be delivered to the site in a matter of weeks, and depending on the complexity of the design, it can be erected quickly as well.

For municipalities that need commercial structures, read our post: Four Popular Commercial Uses for Pre Engineered Steel Buildings. 

Looking for value, longevity and versatility for your next community building? Metal Structure Concepts specializes in designing and erecting pre engineered buildings to suit the needs of multiple user groups within your community. Call us to discuss your next project.