How Fast Can A Steel Building Be Erected?

How Fast Can A Steel Building Be Erected?

Save money and time without compromising on quality with a steel building

No matter what your business is, a steel building can be a huge asset long term because of its durability, low maintenance cost, and customizable style. But there’s this idea that the construction of a building takes a long time. That simply does not have to be true.

We at Metal Structure Concepts understand the importance of getting you quickly into your new building. Time is money after all. You want to save money on building costs and get right back into making money and we can make that happen.


What’s the average build time for a steel building?

There is some variation depending on the building complexity, work conditions, and other factors. However, an average commercial steel building of about 6,000 to 10,000 square feet takes roughly three weeks to erect.

This is because pre-engineered buildings are designed to go up fast and we hire some of the most efficient crews in the industry. We’ve been in the business for over fifty years across three generations, so we’ve how to be fast without compromising safety or quality. We proved this when we worked with Kalsam Orchards to produce an agricultural farm building in only 20 days.


What about a pre-engineered steel building?

Just like a regular steel building, this timeframe can depend based on the design complexity. But with pre-engineered steel, we can construct a 10,000 square-foot building in four months instead of the typical five.

We’re able to turn around a month faster because pre-engineered steel is quicker to work with than other construction types; proving once again that pre-engineered steel is one of the fastest materials in the construction industry. We prove this over and over again –like when we worked with Fabricland to construct an entire retail building from site preparation to completion in just three months.


Can you move this fast all year round?

 While we operate all year round, Canadian winters can slow things down – especially when considering the concrete and foundation. If you’re wanting a speedy, economical steel building, it could be worth considering starting the concrete work and foundation in the Spring when the weather is warmer.

But the actual metal structure itself can be built any time of year. If you need something fast, want to save money, or do either (or both) while still getting a high-quality steel or metal building you’ll be able to rely on for many, many, years to come – reach out to us for a quote.

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