How a Steel Building Will Save You Money Now and Down the Road

How a Steel Building Will Save You Money Now and Down the Road

More efficient manufacturing methods have helped make steel building projects one of the most cost-effective construction choices available.

As with any construction project, the decision to choose a steel building will largely be influenced by cost. Fortunately, that’s one of the things that make it an attractive option compared to alternative building methods.

When people think of pre engineered steel buildings, there are typically two cost savings that come to mind:

  • Faster construction times let you begin operating sooner
  • Less onsite manpower reduces labour costs

When you look a little deeper, there are other savings to be realized when you choose to build with steel. Some of these saving are up-front, while others occur over the lifetime of the building.


End of a Building’s Life

While a steel building is designed to last for generations, there will come a time when it needs to be replaced. The good thing about this is steel, as a raw material, will hold its value.

Because the material can be recycled, you won’t have to pay as much for those hefty landfill fees for construction waste. In fact, there are some removal companies that will come and remove your steel building components free of charge.

As an added bonus, your decision to build with steel helps divert waste from our overcrowded landfills, and helps promote environmental sustainability.


Less Ongoing Maintenance

Due to their rugged, durable nature, pre engineered steel buildings require little in the way of:

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Replacements

When you combine these reduced operating costs with the building’s expected lifespan—which can be in excess of 50 years—it adds up to significant costs savings over the course of its lifetime.


Increased Energy Efficiency

Modern building practices, such as insulated wall panels and energy-efficient roofing systems, are reducing the operating costs of prefab steel buildings. Not only does a more energy-efficient building envelope result in lower heating and cooling costs, it makes the structure more comfortable for employees. This can have a positive effect on productivity and team morale.

To learn more about this, read: 4 Ways Metal Buildings Can Improve Employee Morale on Industrial Sites.


Lower Insurance Premiums

A steel building is designed to withstand pretty much anything Mother Nature throws as it, including:

  • Strong winds and rain
  • Heavy snow loads
  • Fire
  • Seismic events
  • Pests

Insurance companies recognize metal buildings as being relatively low-risk structures, and will sometimes offer lower premiums as a result.


Improved Steel Production Technology

Modern technology is allowing steel manufacturers all around the world to produce the material more cost-effectively than ever. There are also more international producers making the material, which has resulted in a more competitive global market. These savings are being passed along to the consumer in the form of competitive steel building prices.


If you’re considering a steel building for your next commercial or industrial project, call Metal Structure Concepts. We offer competitive steel building prices and provide complete design-and-erect services to bring your project to completion quickly and efficiently.