And Stay Out! How Metal Buildings Help Keep Pests Out Of Your Operations

And Stay Out! How Metal Buildings Help Keep Pests Out Of Your Operations

Don’t let uninvited guests get you down. Steel barns and buildings are ideal for keeping rodents and pests out and your investments in.

When your livelihood depends on the stock you keep in your operation's buildings, keeping pests out is key. Livestock feed or crops are just some of the precious materials you want to keep pristine on the job. When it comes to protecting the goods, pre-engineered steel barns or other buildings are a huge boon when it comes to keeping out unwanted pests. 


The cons of wood buildings for pest prevention

Unwanted pests are the nemesis of any operation, but especially agricultural. When it comes to building materials that prevent pest infestation, wood has several downsides, including:

  • Being easier to gnaw or chew through for rats and mice
  • Attracting termites
  • Wood tends to rot over time, creating weaknesses and entryways for pests


How metal buildings can keep pests out

Pre-engineered steel buildings are made from a durable, pest-resistant material from the very beginning. Here are just some of the benefits of going with a steel barn or other metal structure when it comes to keeping out unwanted guests. 


No termites

Since termites feast on wood, choosing a metal structure automatically removes the chances of a termite infestation. 


Tight seals

A metal building can be tightly sealed at the foundation to keep out rodents and other pests. It’s also simple to repair cracks and imperfections that can cause problems down the line.


Chew and claw-resistant

Rats, mice, and raccoons are going to have a much harder time trying to chew or claw their way through a steel building compared to wood. 


Keep it tidy!

Once you’ve opted for a steel structure for your business, make sure to set yourself up for success by keeping it clean and removing pest attractants like trash. 

Preventative maintenance

Next, investing in routine maintenance checks with a structural steel professional like MSC will help prevent future problems before they arise. 


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