A Structural Steel Building or Steel Building Kit, Which One Is For You?

A Structural Steel Building or Steel Building Kit, Which One Is For You?

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The concept of DIY can sound intimidating to some — especially when it comes to something like a steel building — but if you ask us, there are plenty of reasons you might opt for a steel building kit over a building custom designed and built by contractors. The real crux is deciding which option is best for your business.  


What is a steel building kit?

Think legos for grown-ups. A steel building kit is a pre-fabricated building delivered straight to you with the materials and instructions required to erect the building on your own. While MSC is not with you at the construction site, we’re here to support you through selection, purchasing, and troubleshooting. 


What is the alternative?

For a more hands-off approach, you can opt for a contractor to handle the details, from planning to execution. This option is often referred to as structural steel buildings or conventional steel and is constructed onsite using materials like steel, wood or masonry. 


Which one is for you?

Now that you better understand the differences, how do you know which is the best selection for your business?


Steel building kits

Steel building kits can be a simple way to do a lot for your business, from providing more storage space or quickly erecting garages or new workspaces and more. Some of the reasons  businesses opt for kits include the following: 

  • You’re on a budget, and a kit is cost-effective
  • You’re seeking a simple building use that doesn’t require complex customizations
  • You have the man-power to erect the structure within your team

Learn more about popular uses for pre-engineered steel buildings. 


Conventional steel, a.k.a structural steel building 

While a building kit might be a simple and cost-effective way to handle adding a new structure to your team, there are a  couple of reasons you may consider going with a contractor instead. 

  • Size is beyond what your team can handle
  • Not confident in DIY and prefer to have professional help
  • Customization is needed to meet your goals or permits and regulations
  • You require more flexibility in your build to accommodate complex designs

If you need help deciding the best option for your unique needs, don’t hesitate to reach out for guidance. We know steel structures, so you can focus on what you do best. 


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