A Dedicated and Transparent Family Company

A Dedicated and Transparent Family Company

With over 60 years of experience, MSC celebrates 20 years of its family-legacy-driven company

When you’re looking for someone to help build a space for your business, you want to know that you can trust them. You want to know there are real people behind the website you’re browsing through – people who trust and value each other and their work. 


Our Legacy

This is why we at Metal Structure Concepts are so proud to have our company rooted in a steel family dynasty. Our founder, Steve Ivanitz, was introduced to the steel industry by his father, Jim, and his grandfather, Sam, who began working in the field in the 1960s. With so many years of experience to learn from and a passion gleaned for metal and steel, Steve aimed to expand the family legacy and founded MSC in 2002.

MSC specializes in all forms of steel buildings, including pre-engineered steel, steel building kits, and a myriad of maintenance and repairs. Our buildings are perfect no matter what your need – be it commercial, industrial, retail, storage, farming, or something new. Whether it’s a warehousing complex, a mini-storage facility, or multiple projects, we’ve got the track record and teamwork to make it happen.

Now we’re celebrating 20 years in the business! With over 60 years’ worth of personnel experience behind us, we’re thrilled to be renowned for an unparalleled level of value-added service in the pre-engineered steel building industry across Western Canada and beyond. 


Putting Our Customers First

In that time, we’ve dedicated ourselves to customer satisfaction. It’s why we provide a three-year in-house warranty instead of the standard one, why you can talk directly to Steve or your project manager at any time, and why we ensure constant collaboration between you, designers, managers, and crew.

It’s also why we are part of the Metal Alberta Building Association and obtained our Dynamic Seal from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in 2018 (currently ranking A+). 

As a family company, we want everyone to know that we are continuously striving for transparency and integrity in our operation. This is why we’re always open to feedback from our customers and why you can find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram

We’re thrilled to have so many glowing reviews about our dependability, quality, professionalism, and friendliness. But we invite you to learn all of this first-hand by working with our family to make your steel-building dreams come true.


Interested in learning more about our innovative company? Check out some of our beautiful custom projects: Case Study: MSC Climbs a Fence in Creating New Custom Steel Buildings.


Metal Structure Concepts has been designing and constructing steel buildings across Canada for over 20 years. From retail spaces to warehouses to wineries (and more), we are the experts for your next project. Contact us today to get a free quote.