2023 Trends in the Metal Building Industry

2023 Trends in the Metal Building Industry

Farming and mining are two industries that have seen an upswing in demand for metal buildings, like this truck storage unit for Victoria Goldcorp in Whitehorse, Yukon.


Metal buildings have been around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean the technologies nor the desires and needs of the client have remained the same. We sat down with Metal Structure Concepts owner, Steve Ivanitz, to pick his brain about some of the industry trends he’s been noticing. 


Thinking outside the box

Buildings 20-30 years ago were more basic,” Ivanitz said. “The reality today is they’re more complex. No one’s building basic boxy warehouses anymore.” Clients rarely request those cookie-cutter metal boxes of the past, instead seeking architectural features on steel buildings. Overhangs, canopies, and custom colours are just some of the ways people are looking to set their metal buildings apart. 


Better insulation

One of the reasons why building features have evolved is related to incremental changes in building codes in Canada, resulting in more and better insulation. “There are more stringent, stiffer, better insulation requirements,” said Ivanitz. “So that's changing how buildings are functioning, how they're designed, and how we build them.” 


Insulated metal panels

One of the improvements MSC has been ahead of are IMPs—insulated metal panels. The foam core panels have a more effective R-value (meaning insulating power) and are the “Cadillac” of insulation upgrades in the industry today, Ivanitz explained, improving insulation versus older methods that are made of compressed materials. 


Customer support

Another trend Ivanitz has noted is that, in a world of quick-service and call centres, customers are seeking out human connection, friendly customer service, and product support more and more—something that has always been MSC’s specialty. “The expectation of the customers is higher. They want to work with someone who can help them the whole way,” he said. “It’s a standard we’ve always held ourselves to. It’s one of the reasons MSC is who we are.” 


Farming and mining

Two industries, in particular, have been booming for the pre-engineered steel building industry: farming and mining. As Okanagan orchards have pivoted to using their own packing houses, the farm industry has been keeping MSC busy! “Our metal buildings are perfect for packing and processing plants for fruit.” In the mining industry, an uptick in sourcing materials for products like EV batteries has put the demand for metal buildings on the upswing. 


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