Prince Rupert Storage

There is no region in Western Canada that we won’t travel to, to provide exceptional prefabricated steel buildings. To prove that, our MSC crews headed 20 hours north to Prince Rupert, BC; while there we were met with ruthless rains, 20 hour commute times, and finally, a unique steel storage building. 


We offer fully customizable prefabricated steel buildings for all of our clients. Prince Rupert Storage was no exception! Wanting to provide as much space as we could, we designed a six-foot hallway down the centre of the building which allows for a custom storage unit mix. This custom design is providing more versatility for this building. 


Our biggest challenge was the unrelenting rain. Prince Rupert is located on the northwest coast of British Columbia. Rain will fall 240 days out of the year leaving behind 2,620 millimeters of rain annually. That means our crews were soaked, the job site was muddy, and not a lot of sunshine during the summer months. As a result of this climate, our customer requested that the storage building be insulated and heated. Our crews installed the insulation in the walls and the roof. This is unique for most storage unit facilities but we are always happy to provide 100% customizable prefabricated steel buildings for our clients!


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