Grohman Mini Storage Ltd

MSC provides an exceptional, value-added service, and this Commercial and Storage project is a prime example! The Grohman storage project was the start of a strong business partnership. Initial work over a number of years required consultation, site-planning, and design. “It was a rockpile that got turned into a business!” exclaims Steve Ivanitz of MSC. 

MSC worked for many years designing the buildings and laying out this site with the owners. This 10-building package totals over 44,000 sq.ft, with another 16,000 sq.ft. close to completion.

Grohman team members share “Both the steel mini-storage buildings and the pre-engineered steel building were quality buildings, and were installed on time and on budget.” MSC credits the success of the project with the fact that they were a part of the team right from the beginning. They helped craft the vision of the business and were able to recommend things that resulted in a superior commercial site as well as a successful build and build process.

The other unique aspect of this project was that growth was always an expectation and the MSC had to forecast what would be next and incorporate that information into what the current project required. “We had to make sure that we didn’t confine what would be expanded on in the future,” states Ivanitz. 

“We knew where it was going and we had to be a part of the big-picture”. 

And the story continues…

The project that started a number of years ago with three buildings has seen buildings added on almost every year since. Now included is boat and RV storage to serve the area. With such an ideal business partnership, it will be exciting to see where this actually ends.