Imperial Limestone Ltd

Metal Structure Concepts take great pride in serving our customers no matter where they are in Western Canada, even if that means taking two ferries to Texada Island, BC. This hidden gem is over 300 square kilometres and is the largest of the Gulf Islands nestled in between Vancouver Island and the mainland.

This location proved to have logistic challenges with our crews navigating ferry times and transporting material to the island. Despite the challenge, the team loved the area's beautiful landscapes and culture.

The site was in a rock quarry which provided ample space for our team to maneuver the crane to help lift the steel beams. Having a crane operator on-site added an extra element to the job site. We had to keep the triangle of communication open between our guys, the crane supplier, and the owners to discuss the logistics of the site and the job parameters. Fortunately, our teams are organized, coordinated, and excellent communicators, so the job went smoothly, and the owners were happy — Imperial Limestone Ltd is another happy industrial client in a unique location on Texada Island.