Woodco Industries Ltd.

Woodco Industries supplies clients with less common cuts of wood for residential, commercial, and industrial uses, breaking the mould of what is available from conventional lumber outlets. A family-run business with deep roots in British Columbia, Woodco is dedicated to providing high-quality cuts of wood while supporting its local community. 

We were first introduced to the custom-cut sawmill in 2017 when they were looking to erect their first building. The project was a success and MSC went on to supply Woodco with five metal buildings over three projects, totalling:

  • 2017, two buildings 9,264 sq/ft
  • 2019, two buildings 7,776 sq/ft
  • 2022, one building 4,320 sq/ft

Although the structures were simple, all of the mill’s steel buildings were designed to meet the client’s needs and support internal cranes. 

A positive attitude, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing made Woodco a return customer—and while the company performed the building installations themselves, we were invaluable in the planning, design, and support along the way. 

More than anything, we’re proud to have built a strong, ongoing relationship with Woodco while providing the mill with the structures they need to support its business best. Here’s to many more years to come.