Gilbert Smith Forest Products

Gilbert Smith Forest Products approached MSC based on recommendations and their strong reputation. With a project plan and design already in place, they needed an experienced crew that could meet the project timelines and accommodate the busyness of the job site. 

GSFP was in the process of installing equipment for the grade sort line, meaning that Metal Structure Concepts had to work around and with the varied on-site crews. In fact, to meet deadlines and support the other work that was simultaneously going on, MSC worked from both ends of the building at the same time. 

“We love a challenge! It energizes us and motivates us and in the end, the crew feels a great sense of pride and accomplishment” shares Steve Ivanitz, Owner of MSC. “Even though GSFP came in with a pretty solid plan, we still needed to figure out the logistics, meet the timeline, and of course, meet the budget.”

The Gilbert Smith Forest Products project is another example of MSC’s ability to work closely with owners and project managers to provide a level of service and attention to detail unmatched in the industry.