Duncan Dam Project

What an amazing project to be asked to jump on board with! Working on a dam is very unique and doesn’t happen for us very often. As much fun as we had helping the Duncan Dam Project, we did use special equipment that presented many dangers to our crews. 

The Duncan Dam is located north of Kootenay Lake and was initially built to fulfill the Columbia River Treaty. Construction on the dam began in 1965 and was completed in 1967. This dam generates no power but acts as a water storage facility. The Duncan Dam controls the water flow from the Duncan River going into the Kootenay Lake reservoir. The drainage from the Duncan River basin is 2,400 square kilometres, and the Duncan Dam regulates 10% of the water in the Kootenay River Basin! 

When we were called in to perform some custom work, we were honoured to be a part of such a historical site!  We were able to confidently take on this project because we have the expertise and professionalism to upgrade this landmark. By installing steel sheeting and trim to the exterior of the dam, it can now stand up to harsh weather conditions for another 50 years. This project proved difficult because of the risks involved in using specialty equipment. We had to work with a crane operator and have our crew work from within the basket! This was such a unique experience working overtop of the spillway of the dam. Protecting a heritage site is just a small part of being a part of our community.