Sunny Valley Fruit

Metal Structure Concepts was delighted when we were awarded the project to build a temperature-regulated metal building for Sunny Valley Fruit, a family-run operation in Keremeos, BC. 

Competitive pricing

With competition high, we felt confident that coming in not only as reliable metal building experts, but with competitive pricing would result in a new partnership—and we were right. MSC is able to provide quality materials at competitive prices thanks to the solid foundation with three manufacturers over the years. 

Working with the seasons 

Sunny Valley Fruit also benefited from our dedicated crew who took on this project knowing full well that the fruit growing season is short, so the project timeline would be aggressive.

MSC was charged to construct a custom steel building that would quickly be transformed into a climate controlled metal warehouse for product storage. 

The shell needed to be erected quickly so that technical teams could be brought in to build custom rooms that met food standards. 

Temperature-regulated metal buildings

The ability to control a food storage environment is instrumental to a successful farming business. When kept at appropriate temperatures, farmers are able to minimize loss and maximize the length of time their crop survives. Food storage metal buildings are properly insulated, temperature controlled, and one of the best investments you can make for your agriculture business. 

Unforeseen challenges

With the project awarded, finances negotiated, timelines set, and plans put in place, the team was ready to move—but so did the wind. Sunny Valley Fruit is located in Keremeos, in what is considered a wind tunnel. 

This particular spring the wind was unusually forceful, adding more challenges for the crew. In the end, MSC stepped up and persevered, completing the project on time and on budget with the quality that makes us leaders in the metal building industry. 

A job well done

Even with the technical challenges, we were able to leave with another satisfied customer. 

“They did an amazing job! The crew at MSC made this a fun project that was well planned and exceeded our expectations,” says Sunny Dhaliwal of Sunny Valley Fruit. 


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