Sandhu Orchards

This family-owned business is made of hard-working orchard farmers. It was a pleasure to work with this wonderful family. We know the importance of working under deadlines, so we did not want to stop the production of this local Okanagan business. Cherries wait for no one while they ripen. We were able to erect their building while 40 workers were hustling around us, picking cherries and managing the family business.

We have been working on the Sandhu Orchards land for 12 years now! We broke this project down into 3 phases, with the first section of the steel building being erected in 2009. Phase 2 of this prefabricated metal building occurred in 2015, and this project created more storage space for their specialized equipment. Inside this building is a water cooling system for the cherries to help process them before packing them up! The third phase was in 2019, and we couldn’t be happier to have a repeat customer

Building long-standing relationships with our clients is what we do here at Metal Structure Concepts. Our reputation throughout the province of British Columbia stands strong when we have the pleasure of being recommended by our loyal clients. It is fantastic to see the growth of all the businesses that we have worked with over the years.