Ag-Vision Seed Wash

When Dynamic Seeds in Fairview, AB, needed help building a seed cleaning facility, Metal Structure Concepts answered the call. 

Canada is a top global exporter of grain and canola worldwide—and the unsung hero behind the grain dynasty: the seed cleaner. 

A seed or grain cleaner is a piece of equipment that separates the wheat from the chaff, playing a key role in contributing to the growth of the export by increasing milling yield, preserving quality, improving seed storage, and controlling disease. 

Pre-engineered metal buildings, like MSC specializes in, provide a clean, dry, and durable environment for seed cleaning facilities with the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and interior clearances needed to operate efficiently under stringent conditions.

Dynamic Seeds contracted MSC to construct a 2,750 sq. ft. building to get the job done. While small in footprint, this plant required a soaring 55-foot interior clearance to meet operational requirements. The metal building was finished with a standing seam roof. 

The elements at the job site brought their own set of challenges. Torrential downpours made the site muddy, while strong winds added an extra challenge to the installation of the 55-foot-tall building. 

MSC was unphased. Drawing on decades of experience, the team was still able to complete the project on time and on budget—and leaving a clean yard site behind. 

Exceeding customer expectations is what separates MSC from the chaff! For over 60 years, MSC has been building Western Canada’s future with pre-engineered steel buildings that are flexible, productive, and competitive.


MSC specializes in custom steel buildings like the one you see here. If you're looking for a farm building in BC, AB, SK, or Northern Canada, contact us today for a free quote!