Southern Irrigation

With seven locations across Western BC, Southern Irrigation is dedicated to providing Canadians with intelligent water solutions, revolutionizing the industry with its recent introduction of subsurface drip irrigation to Western Canada. In 2009 we helped erect a building at this site in Oliver, BC, that Southern Irrigation had taken over recently. It was our pleasure to have them contact us regarding an expansion at this location. 

This expansion included features like:

  • Standing Seam Roof
  • R30 Roof Insulation
  • R20 Wall Insulation

One of the benefits of pre-engineered steel buildings is their adaptability and scalability. Whether adding height with an extra floor or increasing the size of the foundation in length or width, prefab buildings are a more cost-effective choice when considering future expansions. That’s because these buildings have lower initial costs, greater design flexibility, faster occupancy, and lower maintenance costs. 

Although this building was basic, we pride ourselves on completing this project without a single interruption to Southern Irrigation’s ongoing business. They were able to continue working and selling their product at their usual rate the entire time we were on-site working. We’re successfully able to accomplish this work method with many projects, so don’t let the fear of losing out on profitable hours hold you back from your next upgrade!

It was a delight to return to Oliver to work on this project for Southern Irrigation. If any more expansions are needed on this site, we’ll be ready with our talented team to get back to work.