Renco Enterprises Ltd.

Located in the harsh climate of Revelstoke, we were happy to complete a customized building for Renco Enterprises LTD. However, the weather does not deter our dedicated team – and neither does it deter a well-built metal building

To combat the ills of the climate, and add more value to this custom steel building design, we included special features likes:

  • Overhands with Soffit
  • Five-Ton Crane
  • Snow Stops
  • SSR Roof 
  • Extremely Heavy Design

We’re able to provide so many of these extra features because of the many advantages that come along with a steel building: from design possibilities to safety features to durability to environmental consciousness. Throwing in that little bit of extra customizability not only will set you apart but also makes metal and steel buildings seem exciting even to those outside of the industry who might not be aware of all the pros of buildings with these materials.

Along with these features, we continue to provide MSC’s classic customer service from start to finish – we add value at every step of the project with ideas from our industry-leading team, and increase our performance with reputable manufacturers and a crew highly trained in safety. We also regularly supply pre-engineered steel buildings, and every project comes with an industry-leading three-year warranty – ensuring you’re always getting the safest and most economical steel building.