District of Metchosin

While Metal Structure Concepts built our strong reputation, we acted as a general contractor. We provided other construction services like pouring concrete, insulating buildings, framing and drywall, and foundation work. In 2006, our crew provided all of these services for the District of Metchosin when they asked us to travel to Victoria, B.C., to construct a storage and repair shop. The steel building was 1,444 sq. ft. and was erected as a standard shop to aid the district.

This coastal community adjacent to the Strait of Juan de Fuca is rich in history and culture. Our crews always enjoy making the trip to Vancouver Island to take in the breathtaking landscapes and meet the friendly locals. With a population of 5,312, Metchosin is mostly farmland, cultivated acreages, forests, rocky headlands, and seaside homes.

While we don't act as a general contractor now, we are proud to work with the community experts to subcontract local contractors to provide excellent service and leave with a happy customer. If you have a steel building design that you want to customize, reach out to us today!