BC Transit

In Vernon, BC, one of the local transportation companies - Transit BC - was looking to expand their buildings in their industrial compound. So, they called in an independent contractor to help them complete this project. They needed these steel buildings to grow their business and increase the production going on behind the scenes. On top of that, they needed another secure steel building to store their transit vehicles when they were not in use.

We were thrilled when the lead contractor on this project reached out to us, and we are proud that we are the first prefabricated steel building company that other contractors think of when they need quality help. Helping other small businesses grow and being rooted in the Okanagan community is very gratifying for our team!

During this project, MSC installed and erected three custom-built buildings on the Transit BC compound. The metal buildings were built with purpose. The first steel building will house all of the buses when they are not in use. Mechanics will use the second prefabricated steel building to replace and maintain their transit vehicles, ensuring safety for the people of Vernon. Finally, the last steel building is used by detailing staff to make those vehicles shine and smell fresh for passengers.