Why You Should Use Pre Engineered Metal Buildings for a Mechanic Shop

Why You Should Use Pre Engineered Metal Buildings for a Mechanic Shop

Pre engineered metal buildings provide mechanic shops with flexible work spaces that allow them to operate more efficiently.

Whether you’re a heavy-duty, automotive or backyard mechanic, you understand the benefits of having a workspace that’s properly planned and built to last. Pre engineered metal buildings have become one of the best building options for this very reason.

By building a shop using an engineered design, you dictate how your space will look and how it’ll function to fit your workflow. Here are some of the features our clients appreciate most about using steel buildings for their garages: 

Flexibility in Design

One of the great things about pre engineered metal buildings is that they can be designed to suit any application, no matter how big or small. You can use it to construct a small workshop that’s less than 1,000 square feet with a couple of bay doors, or you can erect expansive industrial mechanic shops with open spans that are well over 100 feet. 

These types of pre-fabricated buildings can easily incorporate additional features, including:

  • Overhead cranes
  • Insulated wall panels
  • Solar panels
  • Additional ventilation
  • Skylights and window openings
  • Extra man doors
  • Tall bay doors to accommodate oversized vehicles

Many larger mechanic outfits with accounting and administrative staff are incorporating a dedicated office space into the design. This creates a more efficient workspace and saves the need to rent or own an additional space.

Some of the different kinds of mechanics that can benefit from metal shop buildings include:

  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Engineers
  • Aviation

Before choosing a design, check out our post: Industrial Steel Building Prices: 5 Factors that Affect Cost-Planning.

Strong and Durable

Just like the high-end tools mechanics use day in and day out to ply their trade, pre engineered metal buildings are built to last. There is always a lot going on in shop, and custom steel buildings are meant to handle everything thrown their way. That includes:

  • Dust
  • Sparks
  • Open flame
  • Gas and other solvents
  • Unintentional abuse

A steel garage is built to last, and compared to other type of construction, it’s a cost-effective option.

Virtually Maintenance-free

Successful mechanic shops are busy places. Owners, managers and employees have enough on the go without having to constantly maintain the facility they’re working in.

Most pre engineered buildings require little in the way of upkeep. However, it’s recommended that you perform an annual inspection to check for things like:

  • Rust
  • Moisture buildup
  • Physical damage

Well-built metal buildings are designed to carry rainwater and other moisture away from the structure, which helps prevent rust. However, in the rare instance that it does happen, it’s better to address the issue quickly before it becomes a significant problem. 

Protect Your Assets

Professional tools cost a surprising amount of money. Housing them in secure steel buildings provides peace of mind. Your clients will also appreciate the fact that their vehicles are being stored (and worked on) in a safe, professional-looking facility.

Is it time to expand your mechanic shop? Metal Structure Concepts specializes in designing and erecting pre engineered metal buildings that allow industrial-type businesses to operate efficiently. Call us to discuss what your ideal work environment looks like.