Why Steel Buildings Are Energy Efficient

Why Steel Buildings Are Energy Efficient

The installation of solar panels on roofs is one way steel buildings have become even more energy efficient.

When it comes to a sustainable way to build, you can’t beat steel. Not only is the manufacturing of steel energy efficient, so are the materials and methods used in the construction of steel buildings. And as an added bonus, a steel building remains efficient once erected with minimal maintenance required and as it is a reusable resource, nothing gets wasted.


Cheaper to Manufacture

While steel production does require energy, today’s sophisticated practices have actually decreased the amount of energy needed to manufacture steel by 60 percent since the 1960s. Between the early-1990s and 2007, the U.S steel industry reported that it cut energy use per ton of steel by nearly one third. According to the World Steel Organization, this has resulted in reduced production costs and improved competitiveness.


A Reusable Resource

While made from non-renewable resources such as iron ore and fossil fuels, steel is truly a reusable resource in that it is 100 percent recyclable. In fact, steel is the most recycled material in the world and does not lose its integrity once recycled.

This reflects in the amount of energy saved, as there are little reproduction costs in the manufacturing of steel. There are also the savings to raw materials. The World Steel Organization reports that more than 1,400 kg of iron ore, 740 kg of coal, and 120 kg of limestone are saved for every 1,000 kg of steel scrap made into new steel.


Savings in the Construction

Many commercial steel buildings are prefabricated in a manufacturing plant using precise engineering methods, which allows for better building accuracy and less chance that energy will be consumed to rectify mistakes. It is also a quicker method of building, which translates in less power being used to erect the structures.

In addition, the metal building industry has come up with ways to save energy by boosting thermal efficiency and improving insulation in pre-engineered metal buildings. This includes the installation of:

  • Reflective (cool painted) or solar panel roofs
  • Factory-insulated wall panels
  • Insulated doors and windows
  • Double layer high R-value insulation systems
  • Thermal blocks


Savings to Your Energy Bill

With the steps taken in the construction of prefab buildings made from steel, the results are lower energy consumption and lower energy costs in the long run.

And as steel is built to last, there is also little maintenance required for their upkeep, thus saving you even more power. 

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