Why Do Pre Engineered Steel Buildings Last So Long?

Why Do Pre Engineered Steel Buildings Last So Long?

Pre engineered steel buildings feature a number of design benefits that help them last longer than alternative building types.

Steel is one of the strongest building materials available today, and it’s one of the primary reasons pre engineered steel buildings last as long as they do. These structures can withstand a range of weather conditions such as:

  • Gusting winds
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Heavy snow loads
  • Downpours
  • Seismic activity

Additionally, they’re impervious to insects, rotting and fire. However, steel isn’t exclusive to prefab buildings alone. So what makes them different for other structures that allow them to last as long as they do?



First off, pre engineered steel buildings are inherently durable. They require next to no maintenance. Other than an annual inspection and the occasional cleaning with a suitable detergent and a pressure washer, there’s little to do.

For more on this, read our post: 5 Pre-engineered Steel Building Maintenance Tips.


Easy to Repair

In the event that you detect damage somewhere on your pre engineered steel building, repairs are relatively straightforward. These structures are built using standardized components and fasteners, and you can often source replacement parts directly from the original building manufacturer.

Furthermore, you’ll have the engineer-stamped documents to assist you through the repair process.


Foundation Planning

For any building to last, it first needs a solid footing on which it can rest. That means pouring a solid concrete foundation that can uphold the weight of the building. Because pre engineered steel buildings are planned down to the finest details, the exact building weight is known before building begins.

Plus, prefab buildings use customized members that are lighter than the ones used in conventional steel buildings. The result is a lighter structure that:

  • Requires less foundational support
  • Uses simpler foundational design
  • Is less likely to shift


Metal Coatings

A pre engineered steel building is exposed to the elements, every day, all day. To withstand the sun’s harmful UV rays, metal building panels are treated with special coatings to protect them from things like:

  • Corrosion
  • Fading
  • Discolouration


Precision Engineered

Every component of a pre engineered building is rolled, cut and punched with extreme precision. The result is a structure that’s:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Weather-tight
  • Compliant with local building regulations

The roofing systems on pre engineered buildings are designed to lock out moisture and bear the snow loads that come our way during Canadian winters.

Furthermore, computer-aided design software allows engineers to maximize building space usage without compromising building integrity. For instance, they can precisely calculate the clear span between bearing points to provide optimal usability.



If your current location no longer works for your operation, it doesn’t mean you have to leave your pre engineered steel building behind. Similar to the above point about building repair, you can use the building design documents to disassemble your structure and relocate it elsewhere.


For pre engineered steel buildings that last, call Metal Structure Concepts. We design and erect prefab buildings with exacting precision for a finished product that stands the test of time.