Why Custom Steel Buildings Make Great Commercial Storage Spaces

Why Custom Steel Buildings Make Great Commercial Storage Spaces

Custom steel buildings are ideal for commercial operations in need of safe, secure storage for their inventory.

Any company that carries inventory needs storage space. Whether it’s an office supplies depot or an outdoor power motorsports business, you’ll require a place where you can safely store your excess product. Custom steel buildings are a great option for many reasons.

Depending on the nature of your commercial operation, you might rely on a distributor to deliver inventory periodically. Those fortunate enough to own prefab metal buildings know how convenient it is to have dedicated storage space, either onsite, or at a remote warehouse location.

If your current facilities need to be expanded or upgraded, a steel building is worthy of consideration. Here are a few reasons why:


Custom steel buildings are some of the strongest structures available, and they’ll stand up to extreme North American weather conditions:

  • Sun
  • Heat
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Cold

Whether you’re designing a warehouse up in Nunavut, or you’re planning an RV storage compound that needs to stand up to extreme heat in BC’s southern interior, you can trust commercial steel buildings to last.


Compared to other construction methods, custom steel buildings allow you the flexibility to design your structure just the way you want it, without adding significantly to the required build time. This is because they’re designed for easy assembly onsite, which saves money through reduced manpower. 

By choosing an outfit that not only designs prefab metal buildings, but also erects them, it’ll take less time to build, which allows you to begin operating (and generating revenue) sooner.

Low Maintenance

Once erected, there’s really not much you have to do to maintain a metal building. There’s no worry about material degradation such as:

  • Rotting
  • Warping
  • Checking
  • Twisting
  • Splitting

Exterior cladding doesn’t require painting or staining. You might need to pressure wash it once in a while to remove dirt or dust, but that’s about it.

Separate Storage of All-in-one Design?

With custom steel buildings, you get to choose the configuration that best suits your needs. For some businesses, it might make sense to have retail floor space with a storage area in the back. In other instances, it might be more desirable to have a separate warehouse to hold the majority of your stock.

In either situation, there’s a metal building to suit your needs.

Visual Appeal

Many commercial business owners don’t realize this, but storage buildings don’t have to be eyesores. In fact, with the number of design options available, it’s possible to create building exteriors that:

  • Appear sleek and modern
  • Blend in seamlessly with existing buildings
  • Enhance property value (rather than detract from it)
  • Match the company’s brand and marketing values

For more information on custom steel buildings for commercial applications, check out our post: 4 Popular Commercial Uses for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings.

Are you looking to upgrade or expand your commercial storage? Metal Structure Concepts creates custom steel buildings that’ll meet your precise needs. Call our in-house design team to begin discussing your next project.