The ​​World is Your Oyster — With Prefabricated Steel Buildings

The ​​World is Your Oyster — With Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Make the building of your dreams concrete — with steel!

We’ve recently spoken about how prefabricated steel buildings represent the future of warehousing — but prefab buildings are perfect for even more industries and uses! With just a little bit of imagination (and the can-do knowledge and attitude of our team of experts), the possibilities are endless.


Creative Applications

Prefabricated steel and metal buildings tend to get a bad rap for being boring, plain boxes of a building. But that’s the furthest from the truth! Not only are you able to highly customize your building to suit your needs, but the building itself can be used for anything. 

We frequently work with people in big industries. Everything from retail to farming to mining to storage buildings. However, prefab metal buildings can be used for anything — and have been! Whether it’s your dream to build a music studio, a pharmacy, or even a hospital ward, it’s a dream that can be made possible. 



One of the best benefits of working with prefab buildings and steel kits is flexibility during the building process. Unlike traditional building methods, prefabrication saves time and money by allowing your building to be erected on-site. This saves on labor costs and construction time, not to mention that this building method is consistently cheaper than erecting a traditional wood or brick building.

On top of giving the flexibility needed to ensure your building is erected to your exact specifications, utilizing this building method is also far greener than traditional methods. And if you decide to go with a steel building, you can take extra comfort in the fact that steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world.


Location, Location, Location!

Since prefabricated buildings are assembled on site — with every piece of needed material shipped directly to the building site — they can be erected almost anywhere! Whether you want a steel garage in your backyard or a warehouse in Iqaluit, Nunavut, prefab buildings allow you to work with the land that you have to erect the building of your dreams

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