The Versatility of Metal Buildings for Farms

The Versatility of Metal Buildings for Farms

Metal Structure Concepts designed, supplied, and installed this steel barn for O-Rourke’s Peak Cellars in Lake Country, BC.

There’s something cozy and picturesque about driving past a farm and seeing a dilapidated old barn with its shake roof and wide plank walls. When you’re a farmer (not a landscape photographer) then you know that when it comes to farm buildings - nothing beats steel. Metal buildings are ideal for farms across Western Canada and have been for the past 60 years. Let’s explore the Top 7 reasons for using steel storage buildings on your farm.


1. Speed (Time is Money)

As a working farmer, you know something about the authority of time and the seasons. Because they are pre-engineered, steel farm buildings can be erected in as little as six weeks. This short time frame helps you avoid costly weather delays, lowers your labour costs, and ensures efficient use of valuable resources. In today’s market, with lumber costs skyrocketing, steel buildings make more sense than ever.


2. Wide Open Spaces

If you’ve ever backed a tractor into a wooden support in the middle of a barn or had to play three-dimensional Tetris with farm implements to work around structural posts, you know the beauty of wide-open spaces. Because of the precision engineering and structural integrity of steel, barns and storage buildings can span large areas without the need for internal structural supports. Pre-engineered steel buildings give you that wide-open space unheard of in traditional wooden buildings.


3. There’s a Metal Building for That

It doesn’t matter if you’re storing hay, creating a machine shop or fashioning an indoor riding area—metal buildings have space and utility you require to meet a wide variety of building applications. After you’ve decided what you need, chances are good there’s a pre-engineered steel structure that’s got your back.


4. Low Maintenance

Time spent on maintenance is time not spent on things that create revenue and keep your farm running smoothly. Instead of spending tons of money and hours on painting and repairing rotting wood, let a low-maintenance steel barn do its job so you can focus on yours.


5. Easier on the Environment

Unlike wooden structures that take a beating from the elements, steel is pretty much impervious to the changes in seasons and can handle years of use with little or no deterioration. And after a building has served its purpose, rest easy in the knowledge that steel is the number one recycled material on the planet.  Steel can be melted down and used again and again with no reduction in its material integrity.


6. Hot or Not!

With a steel building, you have the option of installing insulation for a thermally sealed, warm in the winter, cold in the summer building. If you’re storing equipment not affected by the changing of the seasons, having a durable structural steel farm building will save you on insulation costs.


7. Make it Yours

The variety and ability to customize your metal building are limited only by your imagination and the task at hand. Want to add skylights? No problem. What about a staircase leading to a lofted bunkhouse? Go for it. Steel is easily crafted into the ideal building for your farm.

Looking for an inexpensive, durable, and effective way to store crops, farm implements, winery and orchard equipment, and more? Learn how Metal Structure Concepts can help your agricultural operations with quality crafted pre-engineered steel buildings. Contact us for more information and to get a free quote.