The Perfect Steel Building For Your Workshop

The Perfect Steel Building For Your Workshop

Designing a steel building from scratch allows business owners to incorporate the features they need to conduct an efficient operation.

BC business owners, particularly those in manufacturing and light industry, know how important it is to have the right workshop in which to operate. Whether you choose steel buildings or other type of structure, having a facility with the right size, layout and amenities can mean the difference between a productive operation and one that’s inefficient.

In British Columbia, there are several factors that need to be considered when choosing a workshop environment, including:

  • Local climate
  • Type of operation
  • Size of operation
  • Size of property

Fortunately, pre-engineered steel buildings are completely customizable and can meet the needs of businesses across the province. Whether you’re a heavy-duty mechanic in Prince George, or you manage a fleet of work vehicles in Penticton, you can easily design a steel garage that will accommodate your operation perfectly.


Bring on the BC Weather

From the scorching summers of the Okanagan to the frigid winters up in the Peace River Country, it’s nice to have a workshop where you can escape the elements. Having a roof over your head and walls on four sides is a nice place to start, but when you need a controlled environment in which to work, an insulated structure is the way to go.

Steel buildings can easily be erected using insulated wall panels that are energy-efficient, durable and cost effective. They help keep the heat in during winter and the sun out in summer. Other advantages include:

  • Controlled environment provides higher, more consistent product quality
  • Workforce is more comfortable and productive
  • Lower operating costs


Owning a Steel Garage vs Commercial Lease

Some small business owners will settle for a pre-existing structure, such as a commercial lease space. One of the main reasons people take this route is it doesn’t require a significant upfront cost. However, over longer periods, the cost of leasing is typically higher than if the business owner would have bought a property and built a pre-engineered steel building onsite. 

There are other potential drawbacks that business owners should consider when leasing:

  • Less control over the permitted uses on the property
  • Have to adapt your operation to fit the existing facilities
  • Requires a time commitment in the form of a lease contract


Customize Your Workspace

By starting from scratch, business owners have an opportunity to completely customize their workshop environment. Working with a reputable steel building company, such as Metal Structure Concepts, you can plan your project to meet your precise needs.

Need higher ceilings or oversized bay doors to accommodate larger vehicles? No problem. Want to incorporate an overhead crane into your design? Consider it done.

For larger operations, you can even add in other features to increase the scope of your operation. This could include:

  • Meeting rooms and office space
  • Toilets, showers and employee lunchrooms
  • Product showrooms


For more on this, read our post Made to Measure: 3 Ways Steel Buildings Can Be Built to Suit Your Business.


For steel buildings that will provide years of worry-free service, call Metal Structure Concepts. Our in-house design team will work with you to customize a building meets your operational needs.