Metal Storage Buildings: The Mini Storage Business Solution

Metal Storage Buildings: The Mini Storage Business Solution

Before you embark on building metal storage buildings for your mini storage business, consider these three questions.

If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that people will always need ways to store their stuff. Whether you’re looking for a business that’s high on revenue and low on output, or if you’re lucky enough to already be in the mini storage business and you want to upgrade your structures, you know how important it is to invest in your one and maybe only expense: storage buildings built to last.

If you already have a location, and now you’re on the hunt for sturdy, nearly maintenance-free units that’ll deliver an outstanding return, here are the top three questions to consider next:

1. What’s the size of your property, and how much of that space can you dedicate to the storage building?

Remember that you’ll need to reserve a portion of the property to parking and lanes for vehicles to drive past and pull up to their storage units. Your customers will love having smooth, easy access to their door.

Once we know the total size you have for your storage buildings, we can then determine the size and number of units for your site. 

2. What size will your units be? Do you want to offer multiple sizes of units?

More and more self storage businesses are opting to offer a variety of sizes—from 4 x 6 feet lock-ups for dorm room essentials to 10 x 20 feet units for the whole house. Offering a greater variety of sizes allows you to appeal to people with different items and budgets, and allows them to upgrade or downgrade in size with you as their needs change. 

At Metal Structure Concepts, our planning team works with you to design mini storage buildings that make the most of your space and accommodate your customers’ needs. 

3. What else is important to you and your customers?

Sturdy, long-lasting and nearly maintenance-free steel interior and exterior walls are just the start.

Here’s where you get into the details that might seem little but, over time, build customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales. Some of the features we can customize and incorporate in the design of your storage buildings include:

  • Adequate interior and exterior lighting so customers feel safe and can find their items easily.
  • Exterior colours to incorporate your branding and make your storage units both recognizable and visually appealing. You’d be surprised how many colours you can choose from when it comes to metal buildings.
  • Heat detectors if you want to offer heated units for increased revenue.

If you’re in the early stages of building a mini storage business, be sure to read our post How to Plan Mini Storage Buildings.

Are you looking for a reputable builder for your mini storage business? With more than 20 BC mini storage buildings under our belt, Metal Structure Concepts has the specific skills and experience needed to design and build units that will help you generate income for years to come. Call us to find out how we can bring your project to life.