Steel Warehouse Buildings: The Better Design Option For Your Business

Steel Warehouse Buildings: The Better Design Option For Your Business

Metal Structure Concepts built this 16,720 sq. ft. steel warehouse building for Okanagan Spirits Distillery in Vernon, BC.

Used by manufacturers, farmers, importers/exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses and other commercial enterprises, warehouses are important facilities used to store everything from equipment and goods to vehicles and machinery. Protect your investment with pre-engineered steel warehouse buildings, which are not only built to last but come in all manner of designs and layouts. Here, we show the benefits of steel warehouse design, which can suit everything from a small business to an industrial operation.


Clear Open Space

As warehouses tend to be used for storage, often you need a wide-open space without columns or other interruptions. This is especially helpful if there is a lot of traffic flowing in and out of the building or if you have large equipment. What makes commercial steel buildings so attractive is their ability to allow for clear-span design. A pre-engineered steel building can be constructed to allow up to 150-feet width of open space void of any support beams or posts.


Strong Roof Choice

Metal buildings tend to have stronger and easier-to-maintain roof design. A standing seam roof is the most popular for pre-engineered steel buildings, as it features metal panels that are joined by an interlocking seam. If you decide on a clear-span design for your steel warehouse, you have your choice of roof options, including a gabled roof, which features a peak in the middle, or a single-sloped roof, where the roof slopes in one direction. Both allow for the same wall height.


Varied Floor Plans

Because pre-engineered metal buildings come in panels, parts and components, they can be designed in just about any form or shape. And as steel structures can be designed without load-bearing walls, you can remove or add interior walls without affecting the structural integrity of the building. This allows for more varied floor plans, where you can add extra workspace, including:

  • An office
  • Manufacturing-assembly zone
  • Shipping and receiving bay
  • Showroom

See how you can increase your floor space by building on to an existing steel building for sale, as Metal Structure Concepts did when it built an addition to an existing warehouse building for Okanagan Spirits Distillery in Vernon, BC.


Easy to Customize

While steel buildings come in all shapes and sizes, they can also be customized with a wide choice of options for your warehouse. This includes a variety of protective finishes and paint colours as well as other custom touches such as:

  • Above-normal height variances for factory equipment
  • Large-scale windows, roller doors, and protective overhangs
  • Open roof systems or canopies for car or truck bays


For more information, read Why a Customized Steel Building Can Fit the Specific Needs of your BC Business.

Have a look at our Projects page for examples of warehouses and other custom steel buildings, including steel barns, that Metal Structure Concepts has designed and erected all over Western Canada. Our talented team of in-house designers can create innovative plans to suit any industry or building application. Contact us for a free estimate.