Structural Steel Buildings Are Ideal For Vineyards

Structural Steel Buildings Are Ideal For Vineyards

Stags Hollow Winery is a repeat client for us, and we are in the building phase to expand their business — stay tuned to see the finished steel building.

It's no secret that the Okanagan Valley is full of wineries spanning from the south to the north. When the original wineries of the valley started operating, it was entirely about the wine. Tastings were offered out of a shed on the property where the winemakers themselves lived. 

That is not the case these days. Multiple wineries are popping up every year and have become more grandiose than ever before. That's not to say the wine isn't amazing, but it goes beyond that for guests visiting; it's all about the experience and Instagram-worthy pictures. For the winemakers, it's about the quality and functionality of producing some incredible wines. 

As owners plan for a vineyard and winery, proper planning for what construction will happen on the property becomes crucial. Of course, there is the guest experience, but guests will never come without the wine. The Okanagan truly has four seasons, and the durability of buildings is crucial, because of this, many owners are looking to steel buildings for their vineyards.


Wine Production In A Structural Steel Building

Custom steel buildings are a top option for storing and producing grapes and wines. Metal buildings provide ample space for storing harvested grapes while also having a massive capacity to make and keep the wine, whether in barrels or steel containers. 

In addition to the wide-open space of pre-engineered steel buildings, they are also highly customizable for the insulation required. By insulating the walls and roof of a commercial steel building, ideal temperatures can be controlled while helping to reduce moisture.


Steel Buildings And The Customer Experience

The quality of wine is the number one component to having a successful winery, but what draws people in is the esthetics of the buildings. With custom steel buildings, owners can achieve the look they want for their tasting rooms and restaurants, no matter what aesthetic they're trying to achieve. 

By choosing to use structural steel for the structure of a tasting room or restaurant, owners can achieve a building that is equally functional and beautiful. Although the upfront cost may seem more significant than using a wood structure, the longevity of a steel building will far outlast wood, making it an incredibly cost-effective solution long-term. 

The low maintenance, fire resistance, and look of custom steel buildings make them the perfect option for any vineyard and winery, keeping the winemakers, owners, and guests satisfied. 


Metal Structure Concepts are the experts in the Okanagan when it comes to metal buildings. Since 2002, they have been the go-to for steel structures in the valley. Contact us today to learn more about custom steel buildings for a winery.