Steel Building FAQs: MSC Answers Your Most Commonly Asked Questions

Steel Building FAQs: MSC Answers Your Most Commonly Asked Questions

A steel building can be erected quickly for all kinds of purposes, including commercial. Learn more in our FAQs.

In the steel building industry, there is no such thing as an unintelligent question. When it comes to investing in your business or industry, it’s best to be informed right down to the nuts and bolts of the operation.

We asked Steve Ivanitz, owner of Kelowna’s Metal Structure Concepts, who with his team has designed and installed pre-engineered steel buildings all over Western Canada, to answer some of your most pressing questions:

Q: So let’s get the most important question out of the way. What is a pre-engineered steel building?

A: A pre-engineered steel building is where the metal components and parts are pre-fabricated by a supplier at a plant to the design specifications. The steel building manufacturers then send the “pieces” to the builder to be erected at the site. Pre-engineered steel buildings have lower initial costs, greater design flexibility, faster occupancy, and lower maintenance costs.

Q. What’s the difference between pre-engineered steel and conventional structural steel buildings?

A: Pre-engineered buildings have a lower structural weight and use different framing methods, where the sections are tapered instead of traditional “I” sections used in conventional steel buildings. The structural elements commonly used in pre-fabricated buildings are designed to work together; therefore, the time to erect them usually is less than conventional steel.

Q: How long does it take to order and install a steel building?

A: Depending on how complex the building’s design, it can take from 8-12 weeks for your building package to be delivered to the site from the supplier. It then takes approximately three weeks to erect a 6,000-10,000 sq. ft. building. This again is dependent on whether you are having custom steel building work done, as well as other factors such as work conditions.

Q: How much will I save by installing a pre-engineered steel building?

A: While steel building prices can fluctuate with the market for steel, you will save money considering how little time it takes to erect them in comparison to conventional buildings. Also ensuring how economical steel buildings are is that they require little maintenance. They provide extra protection against elemental and weather damage and if properly insulated, they are extremely energy efficient, saving you on heating costs.

Q: What is included in my quote?

A: When you get a quote, it should include all of the necessary materials and pieces to erect the building. This includes the framing, sheeting, bolts, screws, man doors, windows, and insulation. Overhead doors are typically bought locally.

Q: Will I need an architect or engineer to design my building?

A: While an engineer will be required to design your foundation, we work with designers and all of our buildings come with an engineered stamped set of drawings, including all schedules and certification.

Q: What codes need to be met before my building is erected?

A: You will need to meet the codes set out by the National Building Code of Canada, which makes sure buildings meet such environment factors as snow, rain, and wind loads as well as seismic codes. You will also need to meet province-wide building, fire, and plumbing codes. In addition, a building permit is also usually required from your governing municipal body.

Q: Does a steel building come with a warranty?

A: The simple answer to that is yes. At MSC, we offer an industry–leading three-year custom in-house warranty.

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