5 Reasons Steel Building Construction Won’t Slow Down in a Prairie Winter

5 Reasons Steel Building Construction Won’t Slow Down in a Prairie Winter

A steel building such as a storage facility or garage can be built in the middle of winter.

As the harbinger of snow, ice and cold weather, winter can put a grinding halt to construction projects. Saskatchewan business owners who need industrial or commercial projects completed shouldn’t have to wait until winter is over to have their construction work start and end. That’s why investing in a steel building makes dollars and sense.

So why build with steel when the temperature drops?  


1. Prefab buildings allow for faster construction time

Pre engineered steel buildings are actually pre-manufactured in a factory, with the parts and components shipped to the construction site. As most of the work is done indoors, they can be erected on the ground quickly. It’s a matter of reading the plans, and then erecting the structural steel frame. The steel components are then assembled and connected. It’s as quick and easy as that.


2. Steel is a weather resistant material

While less weather resistant materials such as wood, cement and concrete do not do as well in extreme temperatures, a steel building can be erected even when the thermometer drops to minus double digits, which is common in the Prairies. That’s because steel can withstand most elemental and weather-related damage such as:

  • Extreme cold
  • High winds
  • Snow storms


3. Less excavation is required

This is relative to our first point, as excavation work can usually take up a lot of construction time. And when the ground is frozen, work can come to a halt. While larger more complex buildings will require deeper excavation work for a solid foundation, most basic steel buildings such as a small barn, outbuilding or steel workshop will require little excavation work, as steel often allows less points of contact with the earth.


4. You can choose a ground mount foundation

Working with concrete during a Prairie winter can be tricky as to reach its necessary strength, the concrete shouldn’t freeze for 24 hours after it is poured. Ground mount foundations are a way to bypass a concrete slab foundation in colder climates. They are a safe and sound alternative when building a garage, storage facility or workshop. The post holes needed for the mounts can be dug to accommodate the frost line, and although concrete is required to fill in the holes, it is a small amount compared to that used in a concrete slab foundation.


5. You’ll pay less for maintenance

Not only are pre engineered buildings faster to install, they end up costing less in the long run, especially if made from steel. A strong and durable material, steel is easy to maintain as it does not:

  • Rot
  • Twist
  • Rust
  • Warp


For more information, read our blog: Why Do Pre Engineered Steel Buildings Last So Long?


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